Better Together

By Nicole Scarbrough (Sports Editor)

There has never been a more distressed time period in modern history. America has become a nation divided by an extreme difference in ideologies, to the point where a simple discussion cannot be held between either dominant party. The agreement that the government deals with domestic issues isn’t unheard of to any political party, regardless of their respective belief system. But while our foreign affairs begin to escalate, remaining in national unity is imperative to pulling through and remaining in an extensive period of prosperity.

Anti-Trump protestors riot in the streets during Election Day, donning numerous signs against the then-Candidate. (Photo credit: samuel-warde.com )

It is common knowledge that the political system remains in possession of three political parties, all three feuding in one way or another: Republican, Democrat, and Independent. Though, out of a simple observation, one cannot help but notice that the three are more concerned about the social aspects of politics than the part that benefits the country in which they should be serving. Both main parties, Republican and Democrat, are equally guilty to this: the Democrats during the infamous Clinton Email Scandal and the Republicans during the Bush Administration are both examples of events that have further broadened the gaping bridge between civility and downright hostility. But what has become a desperate game of back and forth who-can-one-up-the-other has caused severe damage to the reputations of politicians — not to say that their own choices hadn’t caused enough damage either way. Recently, several serious allegations of sexual misconduct have hit influential personalities. From long-term television personality Matt Lauer to millionaire Harvey Weinstein, countless witnesses have come forward with incriminating suspicions, each of which have ended the careers of their suspects. On top of this, our current president has had a number of acquisitions. Although none have gone beyond rumors, they have brought on a few raised eyebrows and voiced concerns. Judging by the progress made by President Trump in the recent months, it is abundantly clear that the concerns have not been prioritized.

Hundreds of angry citizens don Anti-Hilary gear during the candidate’s campaign. (Photo credit: rollingstone.com)

The most recent presidential election was a trying time for U.S. politics as several truths about each candidate was brought forward, along with the lasting collusion investigation into Trump-Russia affiliations, as well as the leakage of trade secrets on Hillary’s side. With that being said, each candidate was playing dirty (in political terms anyway). Neither was innocent in using past affairs and mistakes to jeopardize the good fortune of the other. But the real consequences of this election weren’t broadcast for everyone to see: in reality, it was the American people suffering tremendously as a result of their lawmakers and/or potential lawmakers’ mistakes. Households with recuperating wounds, of which were opened by opposing political opinions, were reduced to arguments and disagreements over who was arguably the most promising candidate. In fact, according to a Huffington Post article written by Ariel Edwards-Levy, “Approximately sixty-six percent of those surveyed” during the election admitted to arguing about the results of the presidential race, and “About twenty-three percent of those was with a family member”.

The duress has not stopped at the adult level. College students have rioted nationally in favor of politics, branching out from the election and instead raising numerous debates about the credibility of some of the most famous historical figures — not that the students cared much about the point of those figures. The more publicity their actions got from important political figures, the more the violence continued. In addition to this, many conservative lecturers were postponed from threats against their party, and an increased police presence was also evident. The imperative question remains: how long will this division remain until the American society comes to their senses? Forever? A few months? Years? In the end, the title doesn’t matter. So many have spoken out against issues regarding racism, labeling, sexism, and the freedoms that concern each. What does a political party matter when we are all members of the same country which will inevitably fall if cooperation is not ensured?