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Seal spotted In Ponte Vedra

A resident was walking down the beach and came across the seal. Authorities responded to make sure the seal was fine and to protect him.

By: Madysen Huffman

Staying Active: Home Edition

By: Ocean Medlock (Managing Layout Editor)
Most of us are finding it difficult to come up with activities to do during quarantine, especially when it comes to staying active. Although there aren’t many places to go, the outdoors are wide open for all and there are many ways get exercise. 
(Cover Photo: cnet)

Piece of Pi

By: Ariana Tracy (Copy Editor)
To many, Pi Day is celebrated annually on March 14th. The date of the international holiday, 3/14, symbolizes the first three digits of the mathematical symbol pi, represented by the Greek letter π. The 14th of March is not just a day to recognize the number pi, but also one of the most well-known desserts of all time: pie.
(Cover Photo: Ariana Tracy)

Episode 1: Interviewing Mrs. Milian

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