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Fake Prom season

By: Chalsea Vickery

With 2021, being filled w cancellations on social events like Homecoming and Prom many people have taken action around the community to create their own “proms

TPC Craze

Following the cancellation of last year’s Players Championship, fans were  overjoyed with the news that tickets would be sold this year, even if they are limited

Running Into the Record Books

Rheinhardt Harrison is a prolific junior runner at Allen D. Nease High School who had a record-setting run over the summer at the Music City Distance Carnival. Harrison’s 4:01:34 mile at this event was the fastest mile ever run by a sophomore.
By: Ryan Gravley

Fun Covid Activities

With Covid-19 still looming, it can make the upcoming holiday season seem uncertain. I went looking and found some fun and safe activities you can still take part in to make this season extra special.
By: Fionnuala Adele

Starting Anew

For the 2021-2022 school year, there will be a new high school that will be opening up in the World Golf Village of St. Johns District. The construction has already begun for the new school next to Mill Creek Academy. This new school will take the overflow of kids from Nease, Creekside, and Bartram high schools. The school at the moment Is called HHH high school. The principal has already been decided and it will be Jay Willets. He used to be the principal of Pacetti Bay Middle School, but will now be the principal of the new high school.
By: Giles Pickens

Dress Code at Nease

Everyday students at Nease High school are being dress coded for what they show up to school wearing, most of which are girls. There has been a long debate on whether dress code should be enforced in schools.
By: Sophia Yarashas

Concert Cancellations due to COVID

 With over 58.15 million tickets sold each year, concerts are popular events across the country. However, COVID-19 has halted ticket sales for concerts scheduled for the 2020-2021 year.  Quarantine conditions have forced many concert venues and artists to either postpone, reschedule, or cancel their venues. Although many fans were disappointed, these same practitioners of the arts have come up with new solutions to have a covid free environment, whilst keeping their business alive.
By: Emma Kleist

Studying Tips and Tricks

Since school was out for so long due to the pandemic, many students are still having trouble getting back into the rhythm of school. Here are some useful tips for studying and staying organized
By: Mary Vega

Re-opening Florida: Phase 3

In the end of September Governor Ron Desantis announced that Florida was going to begin phase 3 of reopening the state. What does this mean for Florida residents? Phase 3 was to begin when there was no evidence of a rebound or resurgence of cases
By: Caitlyn Gillette

Poetry Out Loud Competition

The old POL contest becomes something new. In this contest students recite poems from memory and earn a certain amount of points, the two students with the most points move on to the next level which is regionals, then nationals. The competition has different prizes for the winners and will be given out at the end of the contest, but there is a huge barrier for the students who want to participate. Not only is this the first time Nease is participating in this contest, but it is also all virtual this year, which is going to make it hard for competitors to compete.
By: Sierra Linton

Theme Parks Reopen: Business and Safety in a Pandemic

Ever since the beginnings of lockdown throughout the world, it was clear that businesses would have to fight tooth and nail to keep themselves running in a pandemic where basic interaction was limited. In few places has this struggle been more apparent than in the reopening of theme parks in Orlando, primarily Disney and Universal. As the famous economic dynamos of Northeastern Florida, the parks’ need to adapt and return to business as usual in a quick fashion was top priority to management of both parks. As a result, both parks are now open for people to return with new regulations and new concerns about their effectiveness.
By: Arda Can Utkan

Her Writes, Your Choice

Due to the recent times we have all been forced into, people of all ages have been trying to find ways to keep themselves busy and entertained. A popular choice has been involved with the Harry Potter franchise, created by the author J.K. Rowling. Although, due to its new found popularity, it’s authors past transphobic remarks have now been brought into harsh light.
By: Tristan Skees

Spooky Fun Fest

As you all may know, for the past few months the whole world has been suffering through a deadly pandemic called Covid-19. With that said, people were still looking forward to October’s annually celebrated holiday: Halloween! Since Halloween is typically celebrated by going outdoors, I imagined that there would be more people staying home for safety purposes. But staying home this year didn’t have to put a stop to anyone’s spooky festivities! I am here to share some of the many activities that could’ve been done indoors this year. 
By: Victoria Homm

Holiday Bingo!

Use the reading card to earn prizes!   1 line of bingo – $5 Starbucks gift card 2 lines of bingo – $10 Tropical Smoothie or Starbucks gift card 3 lines of bingo – $15 gas gift card 4 lines of bingo – Olive Garden catered lunch with a friend in the media center and a FREE BOOK Black Out (the whole board) – ALL OF THE ABOVE Books MUST be documented on the “Holiday Reading Log” and submitted along with a copy of the Bingo Board. All forms due to Mrs. Milian in the Media Center by January 8th, 2021. Check the Media Center website for more information or contact Mrs. Milian at [email protected]   Link to bingo board pdf: file:///C:/Users/s519344/Downloads/Holiday%20Bingo%20Board2020%20(2).pdf

Buc-ee’s Coming to World Golf

As the recent creations of “Buc-ee’s” have been making their way into both World Golf Village and Daytona Beach Florida, we need to keep up to date
By: Tristan Skees Cover Photo: Pensacola News Journal

Nease vs. Oakleaf in First Round Playoff Game

After their recent 42-14 loss to Oakleaf High School, the Panthers are looking for redemption in their second matchup against the Knights
By: Ava Homer Cover Photo: The Ponte Vedra Recorder

A House Divided

Former vice president and current democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden,, will face off against incumbent Donald Trump, on November 3rd. Each has rallied their supporting base and respective endorsements hoping to triumph this Tuesday.
By: Max Grzymkowski
(cover photo: NBC News)

Black Lives Matter: Black Lives Matter

As many may know, recently there was a terrible incident involving African American George Floyd; he was innocently killed by a white police officer for a crime he didn’t commit on May 25, 2020. This event has been brought to the attention of many all over the world and resulted in many empowering actions including protests, fundraisers, petitions, and many more. “Black Lives Matter” is the important statement of today, and people throughout the globe are trying to do whatever they can to spread awareness and help the cause. Some steps have been taken near us too in order to help; the Jacksonville Jaguars marched to support black lives matter from the TIAA Bank Field to JSO headquarters downtown on June 5th. They did it for George Floyd and the delayed arrests of the three police officers involved in the incident responsible for his death. says, “Jaguars players, front office staff, their family, and friends joined their voices with others across the nation Friday when they marched in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.” It was about 300 people in total who joined the march. In Nocatee, there was a peaceful protest held to honor George Floyd’s death that occurred on June 2nd, says, “Protesters chanted ‘Black Lives Matter, When black lives are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back’…there was a conscious effort…to recognize that demonstrations about Floyd’s death — and other instances of police brutality…” They held up signs, chanted phrases, and did whatever they could to honor all black lives including George Floyd’s. On Tuesday June 2nd, there was a social media movement called “Blackout Tuesday” where a black screen was posted on social media with the hashtag “blackouttuesday.” People worldwide including celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Kevin Hart, and Dwayne Johnson participated in this act. Blackout Tuesday was meant to bring awareness to the cause and make people mindful of what was happening and ways they can help. There was a controversy about this because many people did not know whether or not the act was actually going to benefit the movement in any way, but at the end of the day, any effort made is valuable. Every penny, signature, and speech counts. Your voice is your biggest aid right now.   There are many ways you can help the cause including:   Signing a petition (here are some available to sign)   Donate to a cause or fund   Show up to a peaceful protest   Spread the word on social media   Educate yourself   There are many resources online and on social media to help you conduct your own research   Watch a BLM film on Netflix (there is a whole genre for BLM on Netflix right now), here are some films: 13th Malcom X or Who Killed Malcom X? Dear White People When They See Us Seven Seconds This is a serious topic and something African Americans have been struggling with since the beginning of time. It is about time we stand with them, protect them, and help them. We are all people who belong here and matter equally to everyone else. Black Lives matter today, tomorrow, and forever. Photo Credit: Shutterstock Caption: Black Lives Matter  

Unidentified Flying Mysteries

By: Max Grzymkowski (Poll Supervisor/Co-Web Editor-in-Chief)
The Coronavirus outbreak has not only interrupted regular life for many of us, but it has also kicked other groundbreaking stories out into the public eye.
Photo Credit: Forbes

Open Ocean

By: Caitlyn Gillette (Business Manager)
Starting March 29th, St. Johns County made the decision to close all beaches due to the current pandemic. On April 18th, St. Johns County reopened the beaches for the first time since the pandemic began due to strong backlash from its residents.
Photo Credit: The Ponte Vedra Recorder

Coronavirus Safety Tips

By: Brady Lorch (Web Editor-in-Chief)
As panic seems to be gripping the minds of many around the world, it is a good idea to remain aware of safety tips and reliable information as COVID-19 continues to spread.
(Cover Photo: CDC)

Updates on COVID-19

By: Max Grzymkowski (Assistant Web Editor-in-Chief)
The recent outbreak of COVID-19, a contagious strain of coronavirus, has brought a plethora of reactions from health officials, politicians, and United States civilians regarding the significance of the situation, and with recent cancellations of sport events and the confirmed diagnosis of public figures, the panic revolving around the potentially devastating disease is reaching its peak.
(Cover Photo: CNN)

State of Emergency Declared in Florida

By: Donovan Germain (Web Editor)The worldwide
The coronavirus outbreak has effected millions throughout the world, with recent cases reported within Florida and other states, leading our governor to declare a state of emergency.
(Cover Photo: The New York Times)

Monkeying Around

By: Mary Vega (Web Editor)
A specific species of monkey called the Rhesus Macaque that has been known to carry the disease Herpes B has been spotted in St. Johns County.
(Cover Photo: National Geographic)

Trump’s State Of The Union

By: Brady Lorch (Web Editor-in-Chief)
As the time for President Trump’s third State Of The Union draws near, it may be time to discuss some of the issues he addressed in his last address.
(Cover Photo: New York Times)

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