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Buc-ee’s Coming to World Golf


         As the recent creations of “Buc-ee’s” have been making their way into both World Golf Village and Daytona Beach Florida, we need to keep up to date. Standing at one of the largest gas stations, with over 100 gas pumps, it will be the largest in Florida, as well as the first of its kind to be built here. Although, its open date will be sometime early 2021. Due to its size, Buc-ee’s is planning on hiring a total of 200 employees. Before continuing work at their Florida location, applicants must be available to train for at least 6 months at a Texas/Alabama store. There are over 9 different job types available, and anyone 18 or older are able to send in their applications online now.

         While there has been controversy over whether or not Buc-ees should be inhabiting a crowded area like World Golf, in May Buc-ee’s was awarded the title of the top gas station store in the country according to Adding to that, they were ranked number 1 for customer service, cleanliness, restrooms, and also outdoor lighting. So, we will be excited to check it out next year. When passing by, don’t forget to check in on its building process!


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