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Farewell, Coach Krause

By Brady Lorch (Sports Editor) and Maria Ribot (Managing Layout Editor)

The Nease football coach, Tim Krause, is resigning as of next season, to be a head coach at Bishop Kenny High School.

According to Krause, saying goodbye to the athletes and parents was emotional. However, he is looking forward to returning to Bishop Kenny, the place where he started his coaching career. He has stated that Bishop Kenny holds a “special place in his heart.”

After coaching for 8 years at Bishop Kenny before Nease, his ties with Bishop Kenny run deep. Having the experience of head coaching at Nease for 5 years helped him to be chosen for the position of Head Coach, according to Thorsen, the former football coach of Bishop Kenny football team and now athletic director.

During his time coaching at Bishop Kenny, Krause led the team through some of its best seasons. Between 2008 and 2013, Coach Krause led the team to a combined record of 52-16 over the five year period. During his final four seasons at Bishop Kenny, Krause coached record-breaking quarterback John Wolford.

As of Victory Day, Mr. McCool will ensure that this tradition endures, so the community can still enjoy and take advantage of the experience that comes with this special day. All the work done by Krause and the athletic department will not go to waste, according to McCool.

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Photo Credit: news4jax