Hey Batter Batter, SWING! by Bailey Peacock

Nease baseball is swinging into action; they have currently won 7 of the 12 games played.  The season began in January and will continue until May.  Nease High School boys experienced a hard loss to their strongest rival, the Ponte Vedra Sharks, during their football season, and have redeemed themselves by taking the victory in their basketball season.  Now to end the year, the baseball players were put to the ultimate test in their game against Ponte Vedra.  They have come out on top with a winning score of 4-3.  Varsity player, Nick Mueckay (Junior) said, “The Nease baseball team is more than a team – it is a family. We respect and encourage each other; it is like we are a big group of brothers playing the game we love.”

Nease softball girls are midway through their season, as well. They have won a total of 4 games out of 9; however, they have 8 games left to make a winning comeback. Varsity player Courtney Furst, was awarded “Player of the Game” against Matanzas, in the month of March. She received this award after her diving play at 2nd base, and got the out at first on defense and a double with 3 RBIs at the plate.