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Nease Falls to Creekside

By Brady Lorch (Sports Editor)

Recently, on the 27th of March, Nease’s baseball team lost to Creekside in extra innings. Although Nease took a lead after scoring a run in both the first and second innings, Creekside managed to tie the game and sent it into extra innings. Currently 3-0 in the district, this win over Nease helped Creekside remain undefeated in what is considered one of the hardest districts in Florida. Although Nease fans are sad to be defeated, credit must be given to the players for Creekside for taking back the game and remaining undefeated in the district. Key players for Creekside included Daniel Cantu, Josh Frisbee, Connor Hults, and Brice Brindel. 

The importance of a game like this can not go unappreciated. Two varsity teams from one of the hardest districts in which you can compete in Florida. First off, it’s bound to be an enjoyable event. But more importantly, a win in this type of game does a whole load of good to what seed you are. Whenever Nease plays, they strive to prove that they are the best, but sometimes you just can’t win, and as the saying goes, you win some and you lose some.

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