Winter Guard: New Season, New Show

By Brady Lorch (Sports Editor)

Now that winter is underway, Nease’s Winter Guard is competing in more and more competitions. After starting their practices in December and working hard through to the new year, Nease’s Junior Varsity and Varsity Guard team traveled to Flagler Palm Coast High School to take second place in their division. On the 2nd of February, they competed at Cypress Creek High School in Orlando, taking fourth place in their division.

As the season progresses, the Guard will continue to have more competitions, and with practices every other weekday, they will develop their show to perfection. Breanna Miller, a member of the Varsity Winter Guard team, says that Guard practices at this point in the season are “intense.” Miller also mentioned the theme of this year’s show to be about survivors.

The Nease Winter Guard has proven successful in many, if not most, of their performances. The biggest of these is their annual performance in Dayton, Ohio at the Color Guard World Championship. Last year, they placed sixth in the second round of the semifinals, proving themselves to be a world-class winter guard. For the team, just being able to compete at in a competition so immense is a-once-in-a-lifetime experience. Miller recalls the trip to Dayton as being “so much fun” and “honestly the best.”

Cover photo credit: Brady Lorch