On the Run, But Sure to be Back

By Brady Lorch (Sports Editor)

After four years of combat, US-backed combatants have finally flushed members of ISIS out of the last village held by the radical Islamic group. After withstanding a small siege in the town of Baghuz, Syria, the final piece of ISIS controlled land was taken and this nearly 20 year war was ended. Although the ideals still live on and members are still attacking targets in the Middle East, ISIS has lost its most important asset: the ability to tax the people it controls. By controlling major regions of the Middle East, the Islamic State was able to fund the production of military grade weaponry including industrial-scale production of mortars and even their very own drones modified to carry ordnance.

Although President Trump declared victory over ISIS in December, the Islamic State has continued to claim responsibility for attacks in the Middle East. Charlie Winter, a senior researcher for the International Center for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College London, stated, “There is a tendency to rush into the declarations of victory too fast and too early with jihadist groups.” Although they are defeated in Syria, ISIS is still showing its face around the globe.

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