One Year Anniversary of Tristyn Bailey’s Death

This past Mother’s Day marked the one year anniversary of Tristyn Bailey’s tragic death in 2021. The 13-year-old girl was a cheerleader at her middle school and a beloved daughter and friend. On Monday, hundreds of people gathered to mourn and celebrate Bailey’s life at a vigil in Durbin Crossing. 

All dressed in aqua and turquoise, Tristyn’s favorite colors, friends, family, neighbors, and teammates met to honor her young life. Bailey’s family, her father, mother, and siblings, were touched by the crowd. Stacy Bailey, Tristyn’s mother said, “I see a lot of [Tristyn’s] friends out here and she cared so much about each and every one of you. She touched a lot of lives.”

Her father Forrest also added, “Together, and with love, we can get through and be stronger.”

Nease honored Bailey’s passing by decorating the spirit tree near the portables with aqua colored ribbon. 

By: Mary Vega

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