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Paws For a Cause

Cover Photo Credit: Paws For A Cause

By Caroline Hunt (Revision Editor)

“PAWS For A Cause” is a club at Nease High School that was created for the 2018-2019 school year. It is a donation-based club that works to help dogs in need. The club sponsor is Mr. Binns and the officers are Ellie O’Donnell (President), Nicole Donnelly (Vice President), Cadee Etemadi (Secretary), and Caroline Hunt (Treasurer). PAWS For A Cause Vice President, Nicole Donnelly, is extremely passionate about the club’s cause, commenting that “We started this club because many dogs were homeless and placed in overpopulated shelters after hurricanes Matthew and Irma. Our goal is to make sure that they feel loved and protected.”

After  hurricanes Matthew and Irma hit Florida, people lost not only their homes, but their dogs too. Some dogs that lost their homes were thrown into animal shelters. Unless the shelters receive donations, the dogs would not be provided the best possible care. The club will be selling organic dog treats to raise money which will then be donated to St. Johns Pet Center. “PAWS For A Cause” will  also donate food, toys, and other requested items to the center as well. The St. Johns Pet Center is a district-run animal shelter that does not receive a lot of outside donations. We will be volunteering at the St. Johns Pet Center on weekends throughout the school year. At the center, all volunteers in the club will have a chance to feed the dogs, play with them, go on walks with them, and just let them enjoy some human interaction. The club’s hope is that by donating its time and resources to the St. Johns Pet Center, the animals housed there will receive much deserved love and attention. The club’s motives are to impact a dog’s life in a positive manner and to give shelters the resources that they need.

If you wish to join “PAWS For A Cause” to help make a difference in a dog’s life, then view their Instagram page @neasepawsforacause. You can also contact the club’s officers for details on how to join, find out when the meetings are scheduled, and how to get involved.