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Preview for Nease Drama’s Fall Production

By: Mackenzie Daly (Entertainment Editor) and Marco Ugalde (Web Editor)

This fall, the theatre program is performing a play called “You Can’t Take It With You”. Mr. Segal and his wonderful cast has worked very hard to make this amazing play come to life on the Nease stage. This cast consists of twenty-two incredible actors and many more fantastic crew members. This play is about a dysfunctional family consisting of grandpa Vanderhof and his family, the Sycamores, who have very distinctive hobbies such as collecting snakes, building fireworks in the basement, writing a ton of plays that never get published, and taking ballet lessons. Alice Sycamore, the only normal person in the Sycamore family becomes engaged to Tony Kirby, Vice President of his father’s company, Kirby Co. The Sycamore family must act normal to meet the new in-laws. Craziness ensues when the Kirby family arrives a day early  and mess up the plans to act normal. We decided to interview some of the cast and ask them about their favorite moments of producing the play. Emily Fitzgerald, the understudy for Essie the ballerina said “My favorite moment is when Henderson enters”, and when asked what Mr. Segal would say to the people on edge to see the play, he states “It’s a timeless play”. This amazing cast can’t wait to see you at the show, which opens on October 31st and shows its last showing on November 3rd.

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Daly

Caption: The cast for the Nease theater program’s play, “You Can’t Take It With You.”