Q&A with Kunze: Learn More About Our New Principal

By Denise Uy and Alexander Brailsford

In January, St. John’s County Schools selected Lisa Kunze, the former principal at Swiss Point Middle School, to become Nease’s new principal after Mr. Dresback left. The Vertical conducted a brief Q&A with Mrs. Kunze in order to learn more about our new principal.

Describe your experience in public education so far. What are your favorite aspects of being an educator?

“This is my 25th year in public education. I taught Biology and Earth Space Science at Mandarin High in the 90s and then went into administration, where I have been the last 18 years. My favorite aspects of being an educator are being around students and working with the teachers. I enjoy the excitement and energy that high school students have. It is fun working with teenagers as they grow and mature.”

How would you summarize your time at Nease High School so far? How does it compare to your previous experience in high school education?

“My time at Nease so far has been a little challenging dealing with some of the concerns with Power Hour and parking. Not all of the students have been very friendly, but I understand that change is difficult and hopefully everyone will see that I have students in mind when making decisions. It is hard to compare the last couple of months with my previous high school experiences. Transitioning to a new school during the year is a unique experience.”

What do you believe still needs to be improved at the school? What are the areas needed of improvement and how would you handle them?

“I surveyed the teachers and asked them for input on what needs to be improved. Some of the items that were better communication, clear procedures/policies, security of building, power hour, and technology were just a few. These are all items that we will be working on for next year.”

Are there any changes coming next year? What are you most looking forward to?

“The new building and parking lot will be ready when school starts, which will cause a few changes, because there will be only one point of entry into the building. Students should expect some restructuring of Power Hour for next year and a new system to keep track of tardies.”