Senior Expectations vs. Reality

By Bre Jarvis (Editor-in-Chief)

Senior year is the greatest year of your life: unless you’re a senior, of course. Sorry to crush your dreams, but being a senior just isn’t everything you’ve dreamed up in that innocent little mind of yours. So, to help prepare you for reality, I’ve prepared a list of some of the expectations you might have about senior year vs. the reality of actually being a senior.

Expectation: underclassmen in the halls will part before you like the Red Sea

Reality: you’re still trudging along at 1 mph with everybody else, the cheese-grater walls slowly scraping your flesh off

Expectation: you’ll feel confident now that you’re one of the “big kids”

Reality: you’re low-key terrified of every freshman wearing fake nails and Nike shorts

Expectation: now that you’re a senior, you can do whatever you want

Reality: the only “freedom” you really have is leaving 3 minutes before everyone else

Expectation: your schedule will give you a chance to recover from junior year

Reality: against your better judgement you signed up for every AP or honors course that you figured colleges would like the look of, and you can now taste your imminent and inevitable death

Well, there you go: senior year in a nutshell. It’s a little disappointing, I know, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great anyway! Even if senior year isn’t the fantasy you’ve dreamt up in your head, it still has its perks. Maybe it’s not perfect, but wouldn’t it be boring if it were? After all, it’s those small, slightly cringey moments that really end up being the most memorable.

Photo Credits: Tenor, Gifer, Giphy, MegaStarFM