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St. Johns County District Exams Cancelled

By Bre Jarvis (Editor-in-Chief)

Superintendent Tim Forson announced last Thursday that all St. Johns County school district final exams will be cancelled, with the exception of iReady testing.

Forson explains that this decision was based on significant technical difficulties encountered during the first week of computer-based exams: “Ultimately, I felt we needed to cancel the district computer-based and paper-based exams to remove the frustration of inconsistent test administration and protect instructional time.”

According to school district spokeswoman Christina Langston, technical difficulties experienced by students last week included the computers freezing or the students being logged out of the exams all together. The school district was unable to simply postpone the exams because of the upcoming Florida Standards Assessment (FSA), State End-of-Course (EOC) assessments, and AP and IB exams.

Forson assures students that the decision to cancel the district exams will not have any negative impact on their grades, stating that “We will do everything in our power that students aren’t hurt in anyway academically by this.” Forson adds that the school district is currently developing a new second semester grading system and that students and their families will be informed as soon as a plan is finalized.

According to Forson, students in St. Johns County will still take the FSA and EOC assessments, as these exams operate on a separate platform from district-based tests.


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