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Beyond Nease: Seniors After High School by Vikki Damon

After their graduation ceremony in May, the graduating class of 2017 will officially be making their way out of the halls of Nease High School and forging their own new paths in the world. Many seniors at Nease have shared their aspirations for themselves after they graduate: whether it is through college, trade school, professional sports, the fine arts, the military, etc.

Several seniors are taking their academic skills to universities later this year. Senior Alexis Gilliard, actively involved in Nease’s theatre program, has been accepted into Molloy College, where she will take part in the BFA Theatre Arts Program. She says, “My plan is to attend there in the fall and, like for most, Broadway is the dream, but to be involved with theatre in any way. To bring joy to others by sharing stories would make my life worthwhile.” Another senior, Felipe Quiñones, is currently a player on the Nease tennis team. Although he will not be continuing with athletics, he says, “I plan on going into a pre-med track in college and majoring in Portuguese. I hope to also study abroad for a year in Europe.” Jackie Cicalese is attending the University of Florida in the fall, where she will most likely play for their club tennis team; Jemma Tassopoulos was accepted into the University of North Florida; and Caroline Jones is thrilled to be attending Vanderbilt University in September.

Other seniors have decided to choose other available paths. Hunter Jones is joining the United States military in September of this year. He says, “I plan on joining the Navy and becoming a Nuclear Reactor Operator on a submarine off of the West Coast.” Kathleen Reyes, “I will be taking a gap year to work on [her] art while taking some classes in Tampa or Miami.” One other senior girl, who asked to remain anonymous, said she wishes to travel as much as possible, around the country and around the world. She says, “I just want to go on a different adventure every day.” Senior class president Grant Burmeister hopes to become a traveling salesman. He explains, “You can make big money without a college education.”

The Nease High School staff and students wish our graduating seniors the best of luck on their journeys through life.