Panther Pranks by Taylor Leksander

Photo Credit: Maggie McElhaney

With the school year coming to an end, the class of 2017 is starting to say their goodbyes to teachers, students, friends, and even the walls of Nease High School. Senior year consists of many memorable activities, one being the classic senior pranks. Since the opening year of Nease in 1981 pranks have always been a tradition. So since the beginning years of Nease, what have been some of the pranks at our very own school? The seniors will go to multiple extremes and there is no telling what they will do each year to prank the school. After asking multiple teachers that have been to Nease or have been working here awhile, some of Nease’s old senior pranks were discovered. One year the seniors posted the dean’s car, a Corvette, onto Craigslist for only 3,000 dollars with her work number as the contact number to purchase the car. She was appalled and had to announce over the intercom to the school that she was not trying to sell her car and that the students who posted it needed to remove it immediately. Additionally, what would be better than pulling pranks on the junior class? That’s why some other jokes that the seniors pulled on juniors was unscrewing their license plates and laying them all across the parking lot or taking air out of their car tires. Ms. Gruhn says, “My junior year, there was a huge rivalry between the senior and junior girls so all the senior girls posted the junior girl’s names all over the school the day before the powder-puff game. It was random but it did scare us for some reason.” Even more recently, the class of 2016 had an interesting prank that consisted of rollerblading, skateboarding, and biking around the school forming a little stampede of people racing around as fast as they could. Many people were laughing and trying to get out of the way before they got run over. However, the real question is what is in store for the all the underclassmen and administration this year? Will the class of 2017 fulfill their duties and make the senior prank one to remember? Watch your back, Nease, because the time is coming for the seniors to unleash their pranks!