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Poetry Out Loud Competition

The old POL contest becomes something new. In this contest students recite poems from memory and earn a certain amount of points, the two students with the most points move on to the next level which is regionals, then nationals. The competition has different prizes for the winners and will be given out at the end of the contest, but there is a huge barrier for the students who want to participate. Not only is this the first time Nease is participating in this contest, but it is also all virtual this year, which is going to make it hard for competitors to compete.


The host of this event is Ms. Porcellini. There are a lot of teachers that are willing to help aid this enormous project such as Mr. White, Mr. Hunsinger, and Ms. Milian. These teachers have been carefully selected for this project because of their individual talents. Ms. Porcellini was chosen because of her speech class, to help make sure that each student pronounced their words, Mr. Hunsinger for his ability to take those words and make the audience feel the emotions instilled in the poem. Mr. White for his past years in T.V. production to make sure the students looked good on camera. Then of course we can’t forget Ms. Milian who in the past hosted the Poetry Slam, and has given us information on how we should be hosting this event.


The Poetry Out Loud competition is open to anyone who wants to participate; age, gender, race, are not a factor in picking the winner of this contest. We will need dedicated readers who want to be a part of this new event that we hope will stay in years to come.


Of course because of the virus we are no longer able to have this contest in person. The contest this year is going to be completely virtual, meaning that this contest won’t be judged in person. For more information on the Poetry Out Loud competition as well as submission form will be located at:


Here are some links of poem winners from the past, and the link to pick out your poems for the contest.