Studying Tips and Tricks

Since school was out for so long due to the pandemic, many students are still having trouble getting back into the rhythm of school. Here are some useful tips for studying and staying organized:


  1.  If you get tired or bored easily while studying, try starting your work earlier in the day when you naturally have more energy. Also, drink more water because dehydration can impact your ability to focus.


  1. Try changing locations. Studying in a new place will limit your distractions since you are less familiar with the area. This can be especially helpful if you are a distance-learner because if you do your homework in the same place you go on your classes, you will get stir-crazy. Do your online classes and your homework in different places, so you’re not stuck in the same room all day. 


  1. Use a planner or write down your assignments. Keeping a calendar or writing down your work helps you make sure you know when your deadlines and tests are, as well as any practices or club meetings. It will also help you manage your time so you can plan exactly what you need to get done everyday.


  1. Color code your classes. If you are a visual learner, assigning each of your classes a color will help you stay organized. Using different colored folders or using different colors in your planner will help you remember when you have each class and when your deadlines for each of your classes are. 


  1. Rewrite your notes. When studying for a big test or quiz try rewriting your notes because you are more likely to remember something if you write it down more than once. Figure out what you need to know for your test, and rewrite those parts of your notes to remember it better. 


  1. Listen to music while studying. For more sound-oriented learners, listening to classical or calming music exercises your brain and helps you process information better. The best music to study with is music without lyrics. Stay away from loud or super energetic music because it could just end up distracting you. 


  1. Take breaks. If you try to work for several hours without taking breaks you will tire yourself out, you will get distracted, and you won’t remember everything you are studying. Taking 5-10 minutes breaks about every half hour will help you focus on your homework and retain the information.


  1. Create a routine. Studying at the same time everyday helps you train your brain to be in work mode at that time so you won;t have to force yourself to study. It also helps you make sure you get your work done, since you know when you’re going to start your homework.


Everyone has their own favorite study habits that work for them. Sophomore Miranda Orta has managed to maintain good grades throughout her high school career with her study habits, and they may be helpful for you too. Miranda said, “I put Disney piano music on in the background while I study.”  Disney piano music is a great example of music to study with since it is soft and doesn’t have any lyrics. To stay organized, Miranda said, “I like to keep my binders with dividers and labels.” Organizing your binders with dividers will help you separate your work into units so you can find exactly what you are looking for. 

Miranda, like many other students at Nease, is also involved in sports. As any student-athlete knows, it can be hard to balance practices and games with your schoolwork. “I try to start my homework as early as possible so I can go to bed at a decent time.” Another issue that most students struggle with is getting distracted while doing homework or studying. Miranda struggles with this too, but she has a few things that she does to help herself stay focused, “I have to put my phone on Do Not Disturb and put it away from me, and I shut my door so my family doesn’t bother me.” These are great ways to eliminate two big distractions.

Another 10th grader, Jada Montesioni, has perfected her study habits over the years and found methods that really work for her. One way that Jada studies is, “I like to make a review sheet of all the material on the test, and then I just read it over.” Jada also keeps track of her homework for each class in a planner. Many students in all grades don’t really know many effective study methods. Luckily, Miranda and Jada both have some tips. Jada said, “Keep everything in the same place and try and get everything done so you don’t have to do it later.” Miranda added, “Just find something that works for you and stick to it, like a routine.” Making a study routine is a great idea to condition yourself into studying everyday. 

Whether you’re a distance learner, or you come to Nease five days a week, hopefully these tips and tricks will help you get back on track and raise your grades.