The Usefulness Of School

By: Mary Vega (Web Editor)
Every student has had the moment in class when they think “Why do I need to know this?” or “I’m never going to use this when I’m an adult” and while school is important, it is true that very often the things we learn in school aren’t going to be useful to us outside of class. 
(Cover Photo: Mary Vega)

Core classes such as math, English, science, and history are important in receiving a well-rounded education, but usually we only need to know the basics of each subject, especially in this day and age when we all have technology that can tell us the answer to any question we have. 

So, if we go to school to prepare ourselves for being adults, then what should we be taught? Some classes that would actually teach students valuable life skills are things like cooking, how to pay taxes, what a mortgage is, how to write a resume, or how to set up a bank account. If the curriculum in schools actually included classes that prepared us for adult life, we would all probably be much more successful and organized once we get out of school.