Sharks Took Over Halftime

By Brady Lorch (Sports Editor)

During halftime at the Nease vs. Ponte Vedra game on the 24th of August at Nease High School, members of the Nease band and color guard were disappointed when they couldn’t perform their full show at this important rivalry game. The reason for this was that Ponte Vedra performed both parts of their performance when they were only supposed to perform the first part. This extended performance cut into precious time for Nease’s performance, allowing them to do only one song before they had to give the field back to the football teams.

Many students and parents were excited to see their friends or children perform at halftime and they were disappointed to find that there would be no show from Nease. Many Panther fans were annoyed at the Ponte Vedra band for taking up so much of halftime. Lauren Stamschror, a member of the Nease color guard, said, “To go up there before the entire school and be told that we couldn’t perform was really upsetting. Everyone was really bummed out.” When asked what caused the color guard to be cut off, Lauren said, “Setting up took a lot longer because it was the first time we had to set up. This, in combination with the length of PV’s performance, cut us off.”

According to Lauren, the performance planned by the Nease band and color guard was called Two Possibilities. In Two Possibilities, the band represents the people of the world and the color guard represents an invading race of aliens. Only the first two parts have been performed before a live audience so far. In the first part of the show, only the band is performing as this section of the show represents everyday life on earth. In the second part, the color guard joins the performance and the band’s performance purposefully becomes more frantic and chaotic with the arrival of the new invaders. The Nease color guard placed 22nd out of about sixty competitors at the Color Guard World Championship in Dayton, Ohio last year. Being one of the best color guards in the state, one would assume that their performance would be top-notch. It was great last year and we can expect it to be just as great this year. But we will have to wait until their next performance to see. With a little bit of luck, maybe their next performance won’t get halted before it begins.