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    Upcoming 2021 movies

    As hectic as 2020 has been next year is definitely one to look forward too. To bring some light to this whole situation, there are so many new movies coming out next year that film fans are excited to see. By: Ocean Medlock

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    Running Into the Record Books

    Rheinhardt Harrison is a prolific junior runner at Allen D. Nease High School who had a record-setting run over the summer at the Music City Distance Carnival. Harrison’s 4:01:34 mile at this event was the fastest mile ever run by a sophomore. By: Ryan Gravley

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    Fun Covid Activities

    With Covid-19 still looming, it can make the upcoming holiday season seem uncertain. I went looking and found some fun and safe activities you can still take part in to make this season extra special. By: Fionnuala Adele

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    Starting Anew

    For the 2021-2022 school year, there will be a new high school that will be opening up in the World Golf Village of St. Johns District. The construction has already begun for the new school next to Mill Creek Academy. This new school will take the overflow of kids from Nease, Creekside, and Bartram high schools. The school at the moment Is called HHH high school. The principal has already been decided and it will be Jay Willets. He used to be the principal of Pacetti Bay Middle School, but will now be the principal of the new high school. By: Giles Pickens

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    Dress Code at Nease

    Everyday students at Nease High school are being dress coded for what they show up to school wearing, most of which are girls. There has been a long debate on whether dress code should be enforced in schools. By: Sophia Yarashas

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    Concert Cancellations due to COVID

     With over 58.15 million tickets sold each year, concerts are popular events across the country. However, COVID-19 has halted ticket sales for concerts scheduled for the 2020-2021 year.  Quarantine conditions have forced many concert venues and artists to either postpone, reschedule, or cancel their venues. Although many fans were disappointed, these same practitioners of the arts have come up with new solutions to have a covid free environment, whilst keeping their business alive. By: Emma Kleist

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    Studying Tips and Tricks

    Since school was out for so long due to the pandemic, many students are still having trouble getting back into the rhythm of school. Here are some useful tips for studying and staying organized By: Mary Vega

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    Re-opening Florida: Phase 3

    In the end of September Governor Ron Desantis announced that Florida was going to begin phase 3 of reopening the state. What does this mean for Florida residents? Phase 3 was to begin when there was no evidence of a rebound or resurgence of cases By: Caitlyn Gillette

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    Nease Academy Inside Look

    Academies are an interesting and well-known part of Nease, but to most anyone who isn’t in the academies themselves, their inner workings may be a mystery. I talked to various teachers and students to review their academy’s productions, projects and events, along with their day to day challenges and individual roles. By: Ryan Roe