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    Upcoming 2021 movies

    As hectic as 2020 has been next year is definitely one to look forward too. To bring some light to this whole situation, there are so many new movies coming out next year that film fans are excited to see. By: Ocean Medlock

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    Nease Academy Inside Look

    Academies are an interesting and well-known part of Nease, but to most anyone who isn’t in the academies themselves, their inner workings may be a mystery. I talked to various teachers and students to review their academy’s productions, projects and events, along with their day to day challenges and individual roles. By: Ryan Roe

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    A House Divided

    Former vice president and current democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden,, will face off against incumbent Donald Trump, on November 3rd. Each has rallied their supporting base and respective endorsements hoping to triumph this Tuesday. By: Max Grzymkowski (cover photo: NBC News)

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    Black Lives Matter: Black Lives Matter

    As many may know, recently there was a terrible incident involving African American George Floyd; he was innocently killed by a white police officer for a crime he didn’t commit on May 25, 2020. This event has been brought to the attention of many all over the world and resulted in many empowering actions including protests, fundraisers, petitions, and many more. “Black Lives Matter” is the important statement of today, and people throughout the globe are trying to do whatever they can to spread awareness and help the cause. Some steps have been taken near us too in order to help; the Jacksonville Jaguars marched to support black lives matter…

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    Open Ocean

    By: Caitlyn Gillette (Business Manager) Starting March 29th, St. Johns County made the decision to close all beaches due to the current pandemic. On April 18th, St. Johns County reopened the beaches for the first time since the pandemic began due to strong backlash from its residents. Photo Credit: The Ponte Vedra Recorder