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    A House Divided

    Former vice president and current democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden,, will face off against incumbent Donald Trump, on November 3rd. Each has rallied their supporting base and respective endorsements hoping to triumph this Tuesday. By: Max Grzymkowski (cover photo: NBC News)

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    Black Lives Matter: Black Lives Matter

    As many may know, recently there was a terrible incident involving African American George Floyd; he was innocently killed by a white police officer for a crime he didn’t commit on May 25, 2020. This event has been brought to the attention of many all over the world and resulted in many empowering actions including protests, fundraisers, petitions, and many more. “Black Lives Matter” is the important statement of today, and people throughout the globe are trying to do whatever they can to spread awareness and help the cause. Some steps have been taken near us too in order to help; the Jacksonville Jaguars marched to support black lives matter…

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    Open Ocean

    By: Caitlyn Gillette (Business Manager) Starting March 29th, St. Johns County made the decision to close all beaches due to the current pandemic. On April 18th, St. Johns County reopened the beaches for the first time since the pandemic began due to strong backlash from its residents. Photo Credit: The Ponte Vedra Recorder

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    What if College Isn’t For Me?

    By: Brianna Ramos (Opinion Editor) As of March 2020, there are over 1.2 billion students in the world. It is proven by the National Center for Education Statistics that about 65 percent of high school students move on to higher level education, thus leaving the other 35 percent of students cutting their own path in life. In times like these, it is proven that many students can make it without a college degree. For those in question, it is important you take time to examine your financial situation, consider taking a gap year to evaluate your aspirations in life, and be open minded towards different opportunities that will aid in…

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    Aren’t You Forgetting Something?

    By: Madison Bouton (Staff Reporter/Photographer) With senior year coming to a close and final college decisions being made, it’s time to consider what to bring. This busy end to the school year might cause confusion when packing and students might forget items. Liberty Streeter, a Nease High School graduate from the class of 2019, gave us helpful tips for seniors. When asked what was helpful and what was unnecessary, Liberty stated “the storage units under my bed were the most helpful, I use it to organize all sorts of things from clothes to dishes; however, the clothes drying rack I purchased was never used so I returned it.” She was…

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    Fending Off the Freshman 15

    Fending Off the Freshman 15 By Nicole Scarbrough (Publisher) College is a groundbreaking and incredible opportunity for students across the world. Alongside the opportunity to advance their education, students are exposed to a diverse cultural environment. However, while there are inevitably many perks in attending a college, university, or trade school, stress typically is served alongside rigorous academics. According to medicalnewstoday.com, stress is “a feeling that people have when they are overloaded and struggling to cope with demands.” Whether a freshman concerned about their first midterm or a is senior trying to ensure that they graduate on time, stress is experienced by all college students at some point throughout their…

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    Conserving Cash in College

    By: Maria Ribot (Editor-in-Chief of The Vertical) You did it! You are weeks away from walking across that stage and receiving the diploma that you’ve worked for 4 years to obtain. Soon you will go off into society as an individual accomplishing incredible things and making a difference in the world. But, wait a minute, have you ever wondered how you will spend your money as you become more financially responsible? As college debt is becoming more of a concern in today’s economy, it is not a bad idea to formulate a budget and plan ahead to provide for a life of high financial literacy and low debt by the…

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    The Future of Our Panthers

    With high school coming to an end, we are starting to look at where our next step is going to be. Let’s look at where some of our seniors plan to start the next part of their life. Maya Albold                                 “I’m going to Yale to major in political science, but I’m hoping to major in political affairs in my sophomore year and I would like to use it to work in foreign policy and diplomacy because I think it’s important to go beyond just your country’s issues and look at more of a global…