Sports Commitments

By: Maggie McElhaney
As seniors get ready to graduate, we take a look at some of the commitments made by our senior athletes…

By Maggie McElhaney



Name: Matt Combs

Sport: Lacrosse

School: The University of Montevallo

“It was not my first choice, the school I wanted to go to pretty much got my hopes up and then shut me down. I chose this school because I really like the structure and how their schooling system works plus I would be the first ever Men’s Lacrosse team at that school which I like a lot. I had more offers but I really liked this school. I haven’t given much thought about play professionally, I’m just humbled that I am still able to play.”

Name: Mikey Leisle

Sport: Football

School: United States Military Academy at West Point

“So I play football and I am going to The United States Military Academy at West Point (Army). Due to the nature of football  recruiting, you can’t really choose favorites because each team has different needs for different recruiting classes. But nevertheless after talking to different people and doing research West Point became my favorite option so I decided to go there. I had another offer from Bryant University as well as a good amount of division three schools with great academics (including Washington University in St. Louis and Williams College).

I also had a lot of interest from a few Ivy League schools as well. I chose the schools because after visiting and speaking to a lot of current and former cadets. I believed West Point was something I was capable of doing and an opportunity that would provide me with the tools and opportunities to accomplish what I want to do in life because I want to be a doctor. I don’t really have any desire to play professionally.”

Name: Natalie White

Sport: Soccer

School: The University of Miami

“I am going to the University of Miami to play soccer. It was my first choice. I chose this school because it’s a great academic school and very prestigious. I love the beach and I fell in love with the coaches and the campus. Yes, I had other offers. I plan on going to school for exercise physiology. I’ve never planned on playing professionally just because I want to settle down after college, however if the opportunity arose I would definitely go for it”