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    Paws For a Cause

    Cover Photo Credit: Paws For A Cause By Caroline Hunt (Revision Editor) “PAWS For A Cause” is a club at Nease High School that was created for the 2018-2019 school year. It is a donation-based club that works to help dogs in need. The club sponsor is Mr. Binns and the officers are Ellie O’Donnell (President), Nicole Donnelly (Vice President), Cadee Etemadi (Secretary), and Caroline Hunt (Treasurer). PAWS For A Cause Vice President, Nicole Donnelly, is extremely passionate about the club’s cause, commenting that “We started this club because many dogs were homeless and placed in overpopulated shelters after hurricanes Matthew and Irma. Our goal is to make sure that they feel…

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    The Gen Z of Politics

    Cover Photo Credit: www.orlandosentinel.com By Denise Uy (Feature Editor) On August 28th, a handful of Nease students were able to take their first few steps in American politics—as those who were eligible to vote were able to directly participate in American democracy for the first time in this year’s primary season. This year, Florida’s political atmosphere is in full-swing as the state prepares to elect a new governor in November, with former Governor Rick Scott (R) becoming ineligible to serve another term. Along with the gubernatorial election, Florida prepares to routinely elect representatives for its twenty-seven congressional districts and one available Senate seat for the federal government’s midterm elections. Though previously serving…

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    Sharks Took Over Halftime

    By Brady Lorch (Sports Editor) During halftime at the Nease vs. Ponte Vedra game on the 24th of August at Nease High School, members of the Nease band and color guard were disappointed when they couldn’t perform their full show at this important rivalry game. The reason for this was that Ponte Vedra performed both parts of their performance when they were only supposed to perform the first part. This extended performance cut into precious time for Nease’s performance, allowing them to do only one song before they had to give the field back to the football teams. Many students and parents were excited to see their friends or children…

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    2018-2019 School Year Daily Schedule

    Monday & Friday Period (1) 9:14-10:00 am Period (2) 10:05-10:50 am Period (3) 10:55-11:40 am Period (4)11:45-1:15 pm (A Lunch) Lunch: 11:40 am-12:10pm Class: 12:15pm-1:15pm (B Lunch) Class: 11:45am-12:13pm Lunch: 12:13 pm-12:43pm Class: 12:45pm-1:15pm (C Lunch) Class: 11:45am-12:45pm Lunch: 12:45pm-1:15pm Period (5) 1:20-2:05pm Period (6) 2:10-2:55 pm Period (7) 3:00-3:45 pm Wednesday Period (1) 9:14-9:50 am Period (2) 9:55-10:30 am Period (3) 10:35-11:10 am Period (4) 11:15-12:45 pm (A Lunch) Lunch: 11:10am-11:40pm Class: 11:45 pm-12:45 pm (B Lunch) Class: 11:15am-11:43pm Lunch: 11:43pm-12:13pm Class: 12:15pm-12:45pm (C Lunch) Class: 11:15am-12:15pm Lunch:12:15 pm-12:45 pm Period (5) 12:50-1:25 pm Period (6) 1:30-2:05 pm Period (7) 2:10-2:45 pm Tuesdays & Thursdays Period (1) 9:14-9:58am Period…

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    Linked up with Leadership

    By Maria Ribot (Managing Layout Editor) We all know that the first day of high school is a very intimidating and scary experience for all students, especially the incoming freshmen. Link Crew’s mission is to help freshmen transition into high school smoothly and also provide them with a mentor, and even a friend, to help them adapt to high school. Link crew leaders are composed of Juniors and Seniors that have gone through the application process for the organization and have really wanted to participate in this program. If accepted into the program, Link Crew leaders attend the Link Crew retreat and orientation training process, which involves getting to know how…

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    New to Nease: Exchange Students

    Cover Photo Credit: Lily McKenna By: Lily McKenna (Social Media Manager) and Halie Childress (Layout Editor)   For the 2018-2019 school year, Nease has a few exchange students from around the world. They have experienced things differently than us Nease-natives; however, they’re also normal kids just like all of us.   We decided to interview one of these students to learn about their experiences when moving to a whole new country. In addition, we have some tips on how to better welcome an exchange student to our school.   Joris Louvier, a French exchange student who is currently attending Nease for his junior year, decided to share some thoughts about his experience…

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    Senior Expectations vs. Reality

    By Bre Jarvis (Editor-in-Chief) Senior year is the greatest year of your life: unless you’re a senior, of course. Sorry to crush your dreams, but being a senior just isn’t everything you’ve dreamed up in that innocent little mind of yours. So, to help prepare you for reality, I’ve prepared a list of some of the expectations you might have about senior year vs. the reality of actually being a senior. Expectation: underclassmen in the halls will part before you like the Red Sea Reality: you’re still trudging along at 1 mph with everybody else, the cheese-grater walls slowly scraping your flesh off Expectation: you’ll feel confident now that you’re…

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    Intolerance: We Won’t Tolerate It

    We are so excited to announce that our very own Web Editor, Bre Jarvis, won first place in The Florida Times-Union High School Journalism Awards for her editorial piece Intolerance: We Won’t Tolerate It! It’s AMAZING, check it out below ;).

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    The Vertical’s Chip In For Youth Fundraiser

    Cover photo credit: Golf Aficionado Headed to THE PLAYERS Championship this year? Help support The Vertical and buy your tickets through Chip In For Youth! Purchase a specially created discounted Good Any One Day stadium pass for $50 though our dedicated link: https://www1.ticketmaster.com/event/22005351A06B8ACC?brand=pgatour&camefrom=cfc_pgatour_tpc_chipin2018 Use the Promo Code: ONLINE $25 of every ticket sold comes back to The Vertical. The remaining net proceeds will be donated to The First Tee, a youth development organization that impacts the lives of young people by providing educational programs that build character, instill life enhancing values and promote healthy choices through the game of golf.