• Feature

    Prom on a Budget by Maggie McElhaney, Taylor Leksander, and Julia Jordan

    All girls look for the perfect prom dress, but often at an un-perfect price. However, the perfect dress is still out there and at a much more affordable price! Check out these prom dress “dupes” to make your heart and your wallet smile! 1. Red and Bling Price: $397.99 at Star 33 vs. Price: $199 at Prom Girl 2. Sleek and Dark Price: $377.99 at Star 33 vs. Price: $189 at Prom Girl 3. Elegant Two-Pieces                           Price: $298 at Prom Girl vs. Price: $198 at Prom Girl

  • Entertainment

    Retro Musical and Ghostly Comedy Take the Stage By Vikki Damon

    Nease’s musical theatre students performed the musical “Back to the Eighties” on April 18th and 19th in the PAC. Both Mrs. Poe and Mrs. Laird’s classes participated in the production. In addition, the drama department hosted an additional performance, with Mrs. Laird also directing Nease’s annual spring play; this year, the play was Blithe Spirit and was performed on April 6th, 7th, and 9th. Back to the Eighties is a musical in which every song is a famous hit from the 1980s, such as “Time of My Life”, “Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go”, “Girls Just Want to Have Fun”, and “Material Girl”. The story follows an awkward teenager named…

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    Fake News By Fara Supre and Dasha Charapko

    Fake news. These two words are paradoxical in nature, considering that Merriam Webster Dictionary defines journalism as “writing characterized by a direct presentation of facts or description of events without an attempt at interpretation.” In other words, a proper journalist presents facts in a non-biased way — News! However, in recent times, differentiating between credible and non-credible news may not be an easy task. Readers must use critical thinking skills to make a judgement about what they read. Below, we have annotated and analyzed a fake news article taken from yournewswire.com. Michelle Obama Deletes Hillary Clinton From Twitter So far, so, so good. There is nothing biased about the headline,…

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    Q&A with Kunze: Learn More About Our New Principal by Denise Uy and Alexander Brailsford

    In January, St. John’s County Schools selected Lisa Kunze, the former principal at Swiss Point Middle School, to become Nease’s new principal after Mr. Dresback left. The Vertical conducted a brief Q&A with Mrs. Kunze in order to learn more about our new principal. Describe your experience in public education so far. What are your favorite aspects of being an educator? “This is my 25th year in public education. I taught Biology and Earth Space Science at Mandarin High in the 90s and then went into administration, where I have been the last 18 years. My favorite aspects of being an educator are being around students and working with the…

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    Dual Enrollment: Earning College Credit in High School by Anna Savo-Matthews

    Through Dual Enrollment, a program available to Nease’s juniors and seniors, students are able to earn both high school and college credit at the same time by taking classes at St Johns River State College. Dual Enrollment tuition is free, so many students chose to do Dual Enrollment to earn college credit and save money. Through AP classes and Dual Enrollment credits, many students go to college with a year of college already completed. Students who want to do Dual Enrollment must meet several requirements. They need at least an unweighted 3.0 GPA, and qualifying SAT, ACT, PERT or CPT scores. The required test scores vary depending on what class…

  • Sports

    Hey Batter Batter, SWING! by Bailey Peacock

    Nease baseball is swinging into action; they have currently won 7 of the 12 games played.  The season began in January and will continue until May.  Nease High School boys experienced a hard loss to their strongest rival, the Ponte Vedra Sharks, during their football season, and have redeemed themselves by taking the victory in their basketball season.  Now to end the year, the baseball players were put to the ultimate test in their game against Ponte Vedra.  They have come out on top with a winning score of 4-3.  Varsity player, Nick Mueckay (Junior) said, “The Nease baseball team is more than a team – it is a family.…

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    Beat The Test! By Denise Uy

    As students head into 4th quarter, teachers begin to steer their classes into review mode. In addition to the stress of the usual exams, final exams usually cover a broad range of course material that students may not have retained over the course of the school year. Reviewing and preparing for every nook and cranny of a class’s course material may be tedious and unnecessary, so here are some tips and tricks to maximize your time and effort. Organize. Although simply stated, organization is a key process in a course review. If one were to peer into the bag of an exemplary student, a system of folders and notebooks will most likely…