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    A Dive to Remember

    By: Ocean Medlock (Managing Layout Editor) Brianna Ramos (Opinion Editor) Underwater, calming,  peaceful, and ending the day with a license. Or that is what Maria Morcom, a junior at Nease, thought was going to happen on September 14th ,when she went to get her scuba diving license. That day, she ended up saving two free divers’ lives at risk. “Of course it changed my life, any moment in life something crazy can happen and you might have to save yourself or others and act...

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    NHS Vertical: How It Has Changed Throughout the Years

    By: Ava Harris (Happenstance Art Editor) As Nease high school expands and changes throughout the many years, so does its newspaper. The Nease Vertical has existed for so many years, specifically since 1984. So many years that we students haven’t been here at Nease for, and for most of those years we weren’t even born yet. There’s been lots of ups and downs, and plenty of changes. Staff members have come and gone, leaving their own impact on...

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    Swinging into Opening Season

    By: Max Grzymkowski (Pollster) Fall is right around the corner, and while many students will inevitably be at the local Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, the Nease junior varsity and varsity baseball teams are out in full swing. Players train to hone their skills on the field and focus additionally on improving their relationships between other teammates and coaches.

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    Second Disasters – When Aiding Countries Fail

    By: Tyler Heineman (Staff Reporter/Photographer) If you have never heard of second disasters before, it’s what humanitarian workers call it when countries affected by natural disasters fail to get the aid that they need. This affects countries greatly, as without aid from organizations, residents of that country are unable to sustain themselves for long, enacting harsh reactions such as emigration from their native country.

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    Got Hours?

    By: Nina Findley (Copy Editor) There are many ways to get easy service hours, maybe by even doing something you enjoy. There are no service hour requirements to graduate high school. However, if you are interested in an academic scholarship, service hours are required. For example, the Bright Futures Academic Scholarship requires that a high school student complete a minimum of 100 community service hours and the Bright Futures...

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    Preview for Nease Drama’s Fall Production

    By: Mackenzie Daly (Entertainment Editor) and Marco Ugalde (Web Editor) This fall, the theatre program is performing a play called “You Can’t Take It With You”. Mr. Segal and his wonderful cast has worked very hard to make this amazing play come to life on the Nease stage. This cast consists of twenty-two incredible actors and many more fantastic crew members. This play is about a dysfunctional family consisting of grandpa Vanderhof and his family, the Sycamores, who have very...

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    Clubs! Clubs! Clubs!

    By: Lynne Park (Happenstance Editor-in-Chief) and Donovan Germain (Web Editor)   As an integral part of the high school experience, every student should join a club at one time or another within their career. Luckily, Nease has hundreds of clubs to choose from. From honor societies and special interests to community-service based clubs, any Panther has the opportunity to  find their own pack within our large campus. Here are some highlights of a couple clubs here at Nease!   Nease E-Sports Club The Nease E-Sports competes in competitive video-gaming tournaments with other high schools. According to the president of the club, Anderson Ball, they “take dubs every day of the week.” Those…

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    Disaster in the Bahamas

    By: AJ Sanchez (Staff Reporter) On September 1st 2019 at 10:44 pm Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas and impacted thousands of residents in the area. Many houses were destroyed and several people were seriously injured.  The Bahamas were so heavily impacted because Hurricane Dorian hit them hard as a category 5 hurricane. Winds were blasting at 157 mph and faster over the weekend. That wasn’t even the worst part of the...