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    A House Divided

    Former vice president and current democratic presidential nominee Joseph Biden,, will face off against incumbent Donald Trump, on November 3rd. Each has rallied their supporting base and respective endorsements hoping to triumph this Tuesday. By: Max Grzymkowski (cover photo: NBC News)

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    Do You Remember…?

    By: Mia Sarmiento (Layout Editor) Looking back at your freshman year of high school can be a little blurry for some seniors. We don’t expect you to remember everything you learned from your classes or who said what four years ago. It was four years ago!  But do you remember that one song everyone would freeze to? How about that time virtual monsters were hiding around the real world? I’ve put together some lists ranking the top songs, news stories, memes, and shows from 2016-2017. These ranks are based on our senior’s opinions on what was most important to them or what brings the most nostalgia from freshman year. Four…